Belle Faire Studio_024

Belle Faire, written in French—the language of love—translates to “beautiful work” in English. The word “faire” has over a dozen meanings:  work, make, perform, transact, cook, make-up, prepare, draw up, handle, build, execute.

Belle Faire is a collaborative, creative meeting studio made up of 10 of some of Huntsville’s elite wedding vendors that have a passion for creating an above-and-beyond experience for their clients—from the very first email until the honeymoon begins and every step in between, and after.  We are a carefully curated team of artists, artisans, and wedding and event specialists, working together in harmony to help you cultivate the day of your dreams.

While every Belle Faire vendor is among northern Alabama’s most sought-after wedding professionals in their own right, we’ve found that we can provide you with a more customized wedding planning experience by coming together. That’s not to say that you’re obligated to team up with all of us for your wedding or event—each of our vendors is perfectly happy and free to work with you on their own.

But the ten of us recognized in each other the same devotion to detail, the same passion for perfection, the same commitment to our clients. We knew that together, we could truly create “beautiful work” and wanted to combine all of our talents under one roof to create for you a truly luxurious experience.

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