Mark Kimbrough and Ron Cooper are co-founders and owners of In Bloom Floral Design Studio. In Bloom is a full service floral business specializing in weddings, parties and special events. With their creative approach, talented staff and a combined forty one years in the floral Industry Mark and Ron have become one of the top wedding florist in the North Alabama area.

Mark, a Huntsville native, got into the floral business after purchasing a flower shop as an investment while perusing an accounting degree. After realizing he had a natural gift with flowers and realizing the floral business was much more interesting than accounting he continued to build his talent and business. Mark sold his little flower shop in 2000 and joined forces with Ron to focus on the wedding market. Mark’s specialty is the wedding side of In Bloom. He is one of the best when it comes to wedding floral planning, ordering, design, scheduling and implementing the perfect wedding.

Ron, who grew up in Marshall county says he has been in Huntsville so long he feels like a native. Ron’s career started in the space and defense industry in Quality Assurance. He worked by day on missiles and booster rockets and pursued  his creative hobbies at night and on weekends. Finally the creative forces won out and his decorative paint finish, home decor, and floral work became full time. Ron handles the social media for the business and runs the retail boutique side of In Bloom. Many hours are spent ordering, pricing and merchandising  during the week and assisting with weddings on the weekends. He enjoys keeping the In Bloom customer updated on current trends, wedding photos, and behind the scene looks through Face Book, Twitter and Instagram.

When not surrounded with flowers Ron and Mark enjoy working on their home, a bungalow built in 1920 located in the historic Five Points District. The house is maintained for the sole comfort and enjoyment of their cat, Leo. To relax Mark and Ron head south. As they say, “anywhere tropical will do” from the Gulf Coast to any island where they can find a spot in the sand to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

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