sethWoodnote Media began as a dream in Seth’s eighth grade heart as he held his first digital camera. Being a story teller all of his life, he knew that said camera and his soon-to-be video camera would help him tell the stories of his friends and family through his eyes. Seth began shooting weddings in the tenth grade and has been passionate about telling stories through the lens of his camera ever since. Especially stories of love.

Fast forward five years, Seth married the love of his life, Lori. They have three beautiful children- Legend, Cash, and London. Since becoming a dad, telling stories and capturing moments have never meant more to him. As a husband and a father, Seth understands that your own moments mean the world to you, and that we all want those beautiful moments to last forever. Seth created Woodnote Media so that your moments can do just that…last forever.

Seth’s family moved to the Huntsville area in 2013 to help launch Movement Church and were embraced by this beautiful community with open arms.

“We are here to tell your stories… Through your eyes and the eyes of the beauty around you. At Woodnote Media, we are story tellers. We look forward to telling yours.”- Seth Adgate

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